Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nabi Saleh - One Year Later

Video in English

Music: Sam van Maris

Song: Goodbye

One year ago, Amnesty International took action to protect the villagers from Nabi Saleh, a village in the occupied palestinian territories facing violence.

In Luxembourg, with our members and sympathizers, we joined the action: we wrote letters, we sent fax, we sent e-mails to the Israeli authorities, pointing the violence Nabi Saleh was facing while peacefully demonstrating. We urged the authorities to respect the right to peaceful demonstration and the right to freedom of expression.

This year, Yonatan Gher, the director of Amnesty International Israel, came to Luxembourg and told us about this village.

Our letters, fax, emails, actions here in Luxembourg, added to international support, DID HELP Nabi Saleh villagers, who are no longer harrassed by Israeli forces.

This year, we will continue writing letters, sending fax and emails to others countries that do not respect human rights!
Keep writing letters, keep signing petitions, keep taking action.
Your signature is more powerful than you think.

Join us to our letter writing evening on December 10 at the Konrad-Café in Luxembourg. More information about this event on


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