Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Amnesty Candles Campaign 2014 Trailer

Ensemble, soutenons les victimes de torture !
Du 4 novembre au 13 décembre, participez à la campagne bougies d’Amnesty International Luxembourg.

Pour plus informations visitez: www.Amnesty.lu

Together, we stand with victims of torture !
From the 4th of November to the 13th of December, 
Join the candles campaign of Amnesty International Luxembourg.

Video by Sam van Maris
Website : http://samvanmaris.blogspot.com

Camera : Sam van Maris
Editing : Sam van Maris
Effects : Sam van Maris 
              Fabrice Lazzeri

Song used under permission from Nightwish and Nuclear Blast g.m.b.h.
Music by Nightwish

Song : Taikatalvi from there Album Imaginaerum 

A big shout out for everyone who helped with this video. Thank you all for your hard work. And a big thank you to Nightwish for letting us use their song for this video.

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